De·ter·mi·na·tion noun 1. Firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end. 2. A fixing or finding of the position, magnitude, value, or character of something

DISCIPLINE: Gaining and maintaining your fitness/ health and wellness goals will take DISCIPLINE. Focus on a plan that is attainable, challenging and provides applicable results. How will your fitness program keep you inspired to stay consistent? How fun is this approach? What are your options when you hit that fitness plateau?

R&R: RECOVER AND REWARD: One of the most important variables to achieving fitness gains is RECOVERY. Allowing your body to "pay you back" for the work you put into it is essential. What are the REWARDS you will reap from your structured approach?

REACH: You've gained, you've maintained... What are your strategies to REACH further than ever before?

Corporate Fitness

Research shows that employees in corporate fitness programs are more productive, cost companies less in health care, make less errors, miss less work, and have a higher morale.

Youth Fitness

The importance of Youth Fitness can’t be over emphasized! Our pledge at Fitness Foundation is to establish a framework that instills knowledge, tailored strategies, and continued desire for a lifetime of fitness. Regardless of exercise type, outcome, and location we equip our clients with the tools to build and maintain a fortified Fitness Foundation.

Sport Specific Training

Football, Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. Targeted exercises specific to each sport enhancing and strengthening key areas. Examples include building useful mass and strength to absorb and deliver hits for the entire football game and improving bat speed to hit baseballs harder and farther by generating lower body and core rotational power.

Core/Functional Fitness

Core/Functional Fitness means that you can, at any age, pick up your children and eventually your grandchildren without moaning and groaning. It also means that you can run along side of your six year old as she learns to ride her bicycle without her training wheels. Essentially, Functional Fitness means that you can perform the movements and tasks necessary in life.